It's Just Shopping!

Your time and money are precious. I get that! So don’t waste your time and money driving to a big fabric superstore – burning gas, standing in line, buying add on snacks and stickers you don’t even need – only to be frustrated by the quality of the fabric you bought.

Does that sound harsh?
Unfortunately, it’s the truth. And if you’re new to sewing you probably assume {just like I did} that all fabrics are the same. Well, they're not and you will spend countless months or years assuming that you’re a horrible sewist struggling with why your projects don’t hold up. It’s because of this simple rule:
Quality Matters

It matters in the fabrics you buy, the threads you sew with and the supplies you choose.  And we're here to help. Our site offers high quality fabrics with great designs and styles that won’t break the bank. Our kits are perfectly designed for beginners and our tutorials from our Blog {It’s Just Sewing} supports you every step of the way. Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes - so kick yours off, put on your PJ's and start shopping!

Monica :)